Venezuela Relief

This summer the International Anglican Fellowship, the congregation of the Cathedral
Church of Saint John the Evangelist (Anglican Catholic Church of Canada), and members of the Diocese of the West (Anglican Church in America) joined forces to help provide a little relief to our brothers and sisters at St. Mary’s Anglican Church in the beleaguered country of Venezuela.  Read more about the Venezuela Relief project

Update on International Anglican Fellowship Appeal

The most recent status update from the International Anglican Fellowship on the campaign to purchase a vehicle for Bishop Mukuyamba.

July 4, 2017 – It’s hard to believe, but we are almost there – two months ahead of schedule!! A vehicle that will meet Bp. Andrew’s needs has been identified. It is a double cab Ford Ranger with a diesel engine. The truck is currently located in Johannesburg, South Africa…it is being watched over by our fellow Anglicans there. One final “push” will put us over the top.

Vehicle Thermometer

An Appeal from the IAF

Bishop Andrew Mukuyamba has episcopal responsibility for all of the country of Zambia in south central Africa — the Continuing Anglican Church in Zambia (CACZ). Parishes have been established in three of the country’s ten provinces , the furthest one being 372 miles from the Bishop’s headquarters in the capital of Lusaka. A variety of issues negatively impact his ability to perform his duties:

  • Most CACZ churches are in rural areas.
  • In many cases, roads are mere dirt footpaths.
  • Public transportation is expensive and extremely unreliable.
  • Travel times necessary for pastoral care and visits are therefore unnecessarily long and wasteful.

The IAF Board of Directors has recommended that the Fellowship undertake a project to purchase an appropriate vehicle for the Bishop. To date, over $US 5800 has been contributed and earmarked for this purpose. The goal is to raise $16,000 before the end of August 2017. Vehicle maintenance, fuel, repairs , etc., will be funded by the CACZ. If you would like to participate, please send a check, payable to the: International Anglican Fellowship and earmarked “Bishop’s Vehicle” to:

Erv Lischke
1760 Red Crow Rd
Victor, MT 59875

(Call Erv at 406-642-3085 with any questions)

Appeal Poster