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Primate’s Statement on Ukraine

The Traditional Anglican Church worldwide stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. We pray for peace; we pray for the end of the war, aggression and violence from Putin’s Russian forces; and we pray for a free, united and independent Ukraine.

As Primate, I invite all the Bishops, Clergy and People to continue prayers for President Volodymyr Zelensky, for the Ukrainian people, and their armed forces, as they defend their country and freedom. I would also ask as many as are able to contribute to the Red Cross or other humanitarian organizations helping the thousands of Ukrainians forced to seek safety in neighbouring countries.

O GOD, who makest wars to cease, and by thy mighty arm dost overthrow the adversaries of them that put their trust in thee: Come to the help of thy servants who humbly call upon thy mercy; that being delivered from the violence of the enemy, they may evermore praise thee with thanksgiving; through Jesus Christ thy Son our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with thee, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, ever one God, world without end. Amen.

The Most Reverend Shane B. Janzen

MEDIA RELEASE – APA – TAC Communio in Sacris Agreement

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February 16, 2022.

Dearly Beloved in Christ,

Please find provided with this media release the official concordat which establishes full sacramental communion (communio in sacris) between the Anglican Province of America (APA) and the Traditional Anglican Church (TAC). The concordat was unanimously approved by the TAC College of Bishops on 3rd February 2022 and by the APA House of Bishops on 11th February 2022.

This full communion agreement advances the growing unity of Continuing Anglicans worldwide, and links two greater portions of the Continuing Church together for the first time, expanding upon the existing full communion agreement between the Anglican Province of America and the Anglican Church in America (the American Province of the Traditional Anglican Church). It is also the first agreement establishing full communion between another Continuing Anglican jurisdiction and the entire global Traditional Anglican Church.

Let us pray that this effort toward the reunification of the Continuing Anglican Churches will bear fruit in the Kingdom of God, and enliven further ecumenical discussions with our brethren across the Anglican Continuum. This is another important step forward in reuniting the Continuing Anglican Churches as we seek to strengthen our common witness in our Lord Jesus Christ, to His saving Gospel, and to the historic Anglican tradition within the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.

Together, the Anglican Province of America and the Traditional Anglican Church have achieved another stage in the direction towards the reconciliation and reunification of the Christian Church in her Anglican expression.

This Concordat will be formally signed at a Solemn Pontifical Mass at Saint Barnabas Cathedral in Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday, May 22, 2022, being the Fifth Sunday After Easter.

May we all be one – Ut unum sint!

The Most Reverend Chandler Holder Jones, SSC
Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Province of America
Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of the Eastern United States

The Most Reverend Shane B. Janzen, OSG
Primate of the Traditional Anglican Church
Metropolitan of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of Canada West

Media Release (APA-TAC Full Communion Agreement)

Communio in Sacris Agreement (TAC-APA) – Approved



16 de febrero de 2022

Queridos amados en Cristo, Encuentre provisto con este comunicado de prensa el concordato oficial que establece la comunión sacramental plena (communio in sacris) entre la Provincia Anglicana de América (APA) y la Iglesia Anglicana Tradicional (TAC). El concordato fue aprobado por unanimidad por el Colegio de Obispos de TAC el 3 de febrero de 2022 y por la Cámara de Obispos de la APA el 11 de febrero de 2022.

Este acuerdo de comunión plena promueve la creciente unidad de los Anglicanos continuos en todo el mundo, y vincula por primera vez a dos grandes porciones de la Iglesia continua, ampliando el acuerdo de comunión plena existente entre la Provincia Anglicana de América y la Iglesia Anglicana en América (la Provincia Americana de la Iglesia Anglicana Tradicional). También es el primer acuerdo que establece la plena comunión entre otra jurisdicción anglicana continua y toda la Iglesia Anglicana Tradicional mundial.

Oremos para que este esfuerzo hacia la reunificación de las Iglesias Anglicanas Continuas dé frutos en el Reino de Dios y anime más discusiones ecuménicas con nuestros hermanos a través del Continuum Anglicano. Este es otro paso importante para reunir a las Iglesias Anglicanas Continuas a medida que buscamos fortalecer nuestro testimonio común en nuestro Señor Jesucristo, en Su Evangelio salvador y en la tradición anglicana histórica dentro de la Iglesia una, santa, católica y apostólica.

Juntas, la Provincia Anglicana de América y la Iglesia Anglicana Tradicional han alcanzado una etapa más en la dirección hacia la reconciliación y reunificación de la Iglesia Cristiana en su expresión Anglicana.

Este concordato se firmará formalmente en una Misa Pontificia Solemne en la Catedral de San Bernabé en Atlanta, Georgia el domingo 22 de mayo de 2022, siendo el Quinto Domingo después de Pascua.

Que todos seamos uno – Ut unum sint!

El Reverendísimo Chandler Holder Jones, SSC
Obispo Presidente de la Provincia Anglicana de América Obispo Ordinario de la Diócesis del Este de los Estados Unidos

El Reverendísimo Shane B. Janzen, OSG
Primado de la Iglesia Anglicana Tradicional
Metropolitano de la Iglesia Católica Anglicana de Canadá Obispo Ordinario de la Diócesis de Canadá Oeste

Media Release (APA-TAC Full Communion Agreement) (Spanish)

Communio in Sacris Agreement (TAC-APA) – Approved – Spanish

Primate’s Advent Message 2021 | Mensaje del Primado para el Adviento 2021

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Advent Message from the Primate of the Traditional Anglican Church

ADVENT as we know is a time of prayer and penitence, a time of joy and hope, as we eagerly await the greatest gift of all, God’s only Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. He is the Light who shines in the darkness; He is the hope of the world; He is the salvation of mankind. In this holy Season, we join the angels and the saints in proclaiming the great wonders God has worked among us. We hear anew the prophecies of old; and we are renewed in our faith at the promise of our Lord’s return, when He shall wipe every tear from our eyes, and make all things new.

As Christians, you and I, who love God and are loved by Him as His very own, should anticipate the Coming of our Lord in glory as a child anticipates Christmas morning. For the holy Season of Advent is not only a time of preparation but also a time of joyful anticipation. As we anticipate the joys of the Christmas Season about to come upon us, so we anticipate the joy of that glorious day when we shall behold Jesus coming with power and great glory. When we shall look up and behold our redemption drawing nigh. There is a joy to this Season; and a thrilling expectation of all that is to come in God’s time and in God’s way.

In the ancient world, history was regarded by the Stoics as being circular. They held that every three thousand years or so the world was consumed by a great fire, then it started all over again and history repeated itself. That meant, of course, that history was going nowhere and mankind was tramping round on a kind of eternal treadmill. Fortunately, this is not the understanding of history revealed by Jesus Christ to His disciples.

The Christian concept of history is that it is going somewhere; that history has a goal, and that goal is Jesus Christ. At the Second Advent of Christ history will cease. There will be a consummation of the ages; however, this consummation will not bring about a repetition of the past but a new and glorious age. For some, this consummation will bring redemption and everlasting life; for others (by their own choices and decisions), it will bring fear and foreboding in the face of God’s judgment in righteousness.

We do not know when the consummation of the world will take place nor what it will be like; that is not ours to know. But what we do know is that, as Christians, we live in the shadow of Cross, and in the certainty that we are loved by God. We are being prepared by Him to dwell forever in the glory of His everlasting Kingdom.

In Saint Luke’s Gospel there is a passage describing how Jesus would spend the days teaching in the Temple, but at night would go out and stay in the Mount of Olives. This is not just a filler but a profound statement of how we should spend our time if we are to be prepared for the day of redemption. Jesus spent the day amidst the crowds of the Temple; He spent the night beneath the stars with God. He gained strength to meet the crowds through His quiet time alone with His Father. He could face the day-to-day world because He came to it each day from God’s Presence. This is how we too must face our world: coming to each day from God’s presence. Prayer, meditation, and quiet reflection are the cornerstones of our Christian life that prepare us for today, for tomorrow, and for eternity.

The Season of Advent is for us a time of prayer and penitence, a time of waiting, a time of quiet reflection. We look with all our hearts and souls for the coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, both in time and eternity. In turn, the Season of Christmas is a time of prayer and giving, when we celebrate the greatest gift God could give to His people – the gift of His only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

As we now enter into Advent, please allow me to wish each of you a holy and prayer-filled Season; and with the coming Season of light and joy, my prayer is that you, your family and friends, and fellow Christians, may experience a blessed, holy and happy Christmas. May God bless us all.

Archbishop Shane B. Janzen
Primate of the Traditional Anglican Church
Advent 2021

Mensaje de Adviento del Primado de la Iglesia Anglicana Tradicional

El ADVIENTO, como lo conocemos, es un tiempo de oración y penitencia, un tiempo de gozo y esperanza, mientras esperamos ansiosamente el mayor regalo de todos, el único Hijo de Dios, nuestro Salvador Jesucristo. Él es la Luz que brilla en las tinieblas; Él es la esperanza del mundo; Él es la salvación de la humanidad. En esta temporada santa, nos unimos a los ángeles y los santos para proclamar las grandes maravillas que Dios ha obrado entre nosotros. Escuchamos de nuevo las profecías de antaño; y somos renovados en nuestra fe ante la promesa del regreso de nuestro Señor, cuando él enjugará toda lágrima de nuestros ojos y hará nuevas todas las cosas.

Como cristianos, usted y yo, que amamos a Dios y somos amados por Él como a los suyos, debemos anticipar la venida de nuestro Señor en gloria como un niño anticipa la mañana de Navidad. Porque el santo tiempo de Adviento no es solo un tiempo de preparación, sino también un tiempo de gozosa anticipación. Así como anticipamos las alegrías de la temporada navideña que está a punto de sobrevenirnos, también anticipamos la alegría de ese día glorioso en el que veremos a Jesús viniendo con poder y gran gloria. Cuando miremos hacia arriba y contemplemos nuestra redención acercándose. Hay alegría en esta temporada; y una expectativa emocionante de todo lo que vendrá en el tiempo de Dios y a su manera.

En el mundo antiguo, los estoicos consideraban que la historia era circular. Sostuvieron que cada tres mil años aproximadamente el mundo era consumido por un gran incendio, luego comenzaba de nuevo y la historia se repetía. Eso significaba, por supuesto, que la historia no iba a ninguna parte y que la humanidad caminaba sobre una especie de eterna caminadora. Afortunadamente, esta no es la comprensión de la historia que Jesucristo reveló a sus discípulos.

El concepto cristiano de la historia es que va a alguna parte; que la historia tiene un objetivo, y ese objetivo es Jesucristo. En la segunda venida de Cristo, la historia cesará. Habrá una consumación de las edades; sin embargo, esta consumación no producirá una repetición del pasado, sino una nueva y gloriosa era. Para algunos, esta consumación traerá redención y vida eterna; para otros (por sus propias elecciones y decisiones), traerá temor y presentimiento ante el juicio de Dios en justicia.

No sabemos cuándo tendrá lugar la consumación del mundo ni cómo será; eso no es nuestro para saberlo. Pero lo que sí sabemos es que, como cristianos, vivimos a la sombra de la Cruz y con la certeza de que somos amados por Dios. Él nos está preparando para morar para siempre en la gloria de Su Reino eterno.

En el Evangelio de San Lucas hay un pasaje que describe cómo Jesús pasaba los días enseñando en el Templo, pero por la noche salía y se quedaba en el Monte de los Olivos. Esto no es solo un relleno, sino una declaración profunda de cómo debemos emplear nuestro tiempo si queremos estar preparados para el día de la redención. Jesús pasó el día entre la multitud del templo; pasó la noche bajo las estrellas con Dios. Ganó fuerza para enfrentarse a las multitudes a través de Su tiempo a solas con Su Padre. Podía enfrentar el mundo cotidiano porque venía a él todos los días desde la Presencia de Dios. Así es como también nosotros debemos afrontar nuestro mundo: acudiendo a cada día desde la presencia de Dios. La oración, la meditación y la reflexión tranquila son las piedras angulares de nuestra vida cristiana que nos preparan para el hoy, el mañana y la eternidad.

El tiempo de Adviento es para nosotros un tiempo de oración y penitencia, un tiempo de espera, un tiempo de reflexión tranquila. Esperamos con todo nuestro corazón y alma la venida de nuestro Señor y Salvador Jesucristo, tanto en el tiempo como en la eternidad. A su vez, la temporada de Navidad es un tiempo de oración y ofrendas, cuando celebramos el mayor regalo que Dios podría dar a su pueblo: el regalo de su Hijo unigénito, Jesucristo.

Ahora que entramos en Adviento, permítanme desearles a cada uno de ustedes una temporada santa y llena de oración; y con la próxima Temporada de luz y gozo, mi oración es que usted, su familia y amigos, y compañeros cristianos, puedan experimentar una Navidad bendita, santa y feliz. Que Dios nos bendiga a todos.

Arzobispo Shane B. Janzen
Primado de la Iglesia Anglicana Tradicional
Adviento 2021

Traditional Anglican Church Elections

Traditional Anglican Church Elections – Media Release

Proclamation of the Election of the Primate of the Traditional Anglican Church

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Traditional Anglican Church Elections

The Traditional Anglican Church is pleased to make the following announcement:

Effective October 6, 2021:

The Most Reverend Shane B. Janzen, Metropolitan of The Anglican Catholic Church of Canada and Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of Canada West, has been re-elected the Primate of the Traditional Anglican Church, for a five-year term.

The Most Reverend Michael Gill, Metropolitan of the Traditional Anglican Province of Africa and Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of Pretoria and Southern Africa, has been re-elected the Secretary to the College of Bishops, for a five-year term.

The Traditional Anglican Church comprises national Provinces with Dioceses, Parishes and Missions in Australia, Canada, Columbia, Great Britain, Guatemala, India, Ireland, Salvador, South Africa, United States of America, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Venezuela.

Following from the Congress of Concerned Churchmen in St. Louis, 1977, and formally established in 1990 as the Traditional Anglican Communion in Victoria, British Columbia, the Traditional Anglican Church is a Christ-centred, Biblically-faithful Church rooted in the traditional Anglican expression of the Christian Faith.

Media Contact:
Office of the Primate

For More Information:

Ad Clerum: Statement from Archbishop Michael Gill on the death of Bishop Andrew Mukuyamba

Ad Clerum

June 24th 2021 Number 04/21

Bishop Andrew Mukuyamba

Bishop Andrew Mukuyamba1

“Rest eternal grant unto him, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon him. Amen”

Today, we have lost a faithful and loyal soldier of Christ, our dear brother, Bishop Andrew Mukuyamba, Bishop Ordinary for the Traditional Anglican Church in Zambia. We extend our deepest condolences to his family, his clergy, and all the faithful people of the Traditional Anglican Church in Zambia.

Bishop Andrew succumbed to Covid-19, and his death will be felt throughout the Traditional Anglican Church both in Africa and elsewhere in the world.

Bishop Andrew was one of the founding clergy of the CACZ (The Continuing Anglican Church in Zambia) founded by Fr Pierre Dil. He and Fr Dil worked together to establish the Makeni Ecumenical Centre in Lusaka, an institution that flourishes to this day.

Bishop Andrew’s leadership was recognised by the Traditional Anglican Church College of Bishops, and he was consecrated a Bishop in the Church of God in 2015. Under his leadership the church has grown steadily.

Bishop Andrew Mukuyamba2

Bishop Andrew at his Consecration in Lusaka 2015. He is flanked by Canon Martin Magoleng of South Africa and Bishop Wellington Murinda of Zimbabwe. [Canon Magoleng succumbed to Covid-19 in January 2021]

As a member of the Traditional Anglican Church College of Bishops, Bishop Andrew played a part in the development of the Traditional Anglican Communion (A federation of national churches) into a single, unified global church, The Traditional Anglican Church. His calm demeanour and quiet wisdom made him a valued member of the College of Bishops, and he did much to enhance the role of Africa in the global church and further the work of the Gospel in Africa.

Bishop Andrew was a dedicated Christian, a man of prayer and sound knowledge of the Scriptures. He was a man of the Eucharist, and led his people into a strong faith and an understanding of the need for Jesus to be central in their lives.

Bishop Andrew Mukuyamba3

Bishop Andrew celebrates the Holy Eucharist together with Bishop Wellington Murinda, Bishop Stephen Strawn, Archbishop Michael Gill, Archbishop Shane Janzen (Primate of the Traditional Anglican Church) and Canon Martin Magoleng.

The Church of God is forever moving forward. It is built on the foundation of the Apostles, Prophets and Saints, and is continually built up by the faithful in every generation. Our brother, Bishop Andrew is with the Lord – may His holy Name be praised – but he has left us a strong legacy, one on which we will need to build in our time. We ask our Lord, in all humility, to use us to His glory, as He has used our brother in Christ, Bishop Andrew.

Well done thou good and faithful servant!

Archbishop Michael Gill
Traditional Anglican Church – Africa

Download Statement

Primate’s Statement on the Death of Bishop Andrew Mukuyamba

Bishop Andrew Mukuyamba

Bishop Andrew Mukuyamba (d. 23 June 2021)

As Primate of the Traditional Anglican Church (TAC), it is with profound sadness that I announce the death of our dear brother in Christ, Bishop Andrew Mukuyamba of Zambia. Bishop Andrew contracted Covid-19 a little over a week ago and died in hospital a few hours ago.

His passing is a tremendous loss to the clergy and people of the TAC Diocese of Zambia, and indeed to us all across the Traditional Anglican Church. Our prayers go out to his family, to Archbishop Michael Gill, and to all of his clergy and flock, whom he shepherded with Christian love, devotion and care.

I had the privilege of traveling to Zambia for his Consecration in October 2015 as one of his Co-Consecrators, along with our late brother, Bishop Stephen Strawn, and Archbishop Michael Gill. It is a memory and moment I will long treasure. Those who got to meet him and come to know him will recall a man of great warmth, piety, scholarship, and humility. Bishop Andrew was a truly faithful Christian, a steadfast Bishop, a devoted Father in God.

May he rest in peace and rise in glory!


Archbishop Shane B. Janzen, OSG, DD
Primate of the Traditional Anglican Church

Primate’s Statement on the Death of Bishop Stephen Strawn

Bishop Stephen Strawn (1958-2021)

The Right Reverend Stephen D. Strawn, AS, BS, STB, DD
II Bishop of the Diocese of the Missouri Valley

It is with great sadness that I issue out this statement on the death of our beloved brother in Christ, Bishop Stephen Strawn, Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of the Missouri Valley – a brother Bishop and dear friend.

Bishop Strawn died at home on Thursday, April 29. He was 63 and had been undergoing treatment in the last couple of years for cancer.  Our prayers and thoughts go out to his wife, Annette, their four daughters, Angelique, Christine, Tiffany, and Miranda; their grandchildren, and all his family.  Our prayers go out as well to the clergy and people of Saint John’s Cathedral in Quincy, Illinois; and to all in the Diocese of the Missouri Valley and the Anglican Church in America. His passing is a great loss to the Traditional Anglican Church around the world, to the Diocese which he served so faithfully these many years, and to all who were touched by his life and ministry.

Bishop Strawn was born on January 22, 1958 in Dallas, Texas. Following graduation from Bryan Adams High School (1976), he earned his Associate in Science Degree from Trinity Valley Community College (1989). He went on to study psychology (Bachelor of Arts in Psychology) at the University of Texas at Tyler (1990). On May 30, 1981 he married Annette (nee Monier); this year they would have celebrated their fortieth wedding anniversary. Shortly after they married, Stephen and Annette moved to Malakoff, Texas where they raised their family.

After a cancer diagnosis in his 20s and a complete recovery which doctors deemed miraculous, Bishop Strawn dedicated his life to God. He studied theology at the Anglican School of Theology, earning a Bachelor in Sacred Theology. He was ordained a Deacon on January 29, 1993 by Rt. Rev. William Millsaps; and ordained Priest by the Most Rev. Louis Falk on August 25, 1993. On October 13, 2007, he was consecrated Bishop and Coadjutor of the Diocese of the Missouri Valley, and became Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese on January 1, 2008 – the second bishop of that Diocese following Archbishop Louis Falk. In 2018, Bishop Strawn was granted an honourary degree of Doctor of Divinity by Saint Bede’s Anglican Catholic Theological College, for his contributions to the unity of the Church and for his promotion and leadership in theological scholarship through the College.

Bishop Stephen Strawn was a faithful Christian, a devout Anglican, a dedicated and conscientious Bishop, loving husband, father, grandfather, a caring friend.  He will be sorely missed.

Well done, thou good and faithful servant; enter into the joy of thy Lord.

Rest eternal grant unto him, O Lord;
And may light perpetual shine upon him.
May he rest in peace and rise in glory!

Primate’s Statement on the Death of Bishop Stephen Strawn (pdf)

Primate’s Easter Message 2021 | Mensaje del Primado para la Pascua 2021

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Primate’s Easter Message 2021

Alleluia! Christ is Risen!
He is Risen, indeed! Alleluia!

Perhaps at this time, more than ever, we need to hear again the joyful proclamation that Jesus Christ is Risen! Another Passiontide and Easter are celebrated in what has become a year-long global Covid-19 pandemic. Many are still struggling with this virus; many are still living in isolation, anxiety, and loss. In the midst of these challenging times of sickness and social isolation, the Risen Lord cries out to us: “Peace be with you!”

Easter is the season of Christian joy, of renewal and rebirth. Easter brings to us the beauty of God’s creation in springtime, and with it the beauty of new life. But most important of all, Easter brings the good news of our salvation in Jesus Christ and the promise of everlasting life. Armed with our Christian faith, sustained by the good news of the Resurrection, we go forward with hope and joy – even as we face the realities of the world around us.

Regardless of what may happen in our world, or in our lives, we know Christ lives. He has told us not to be anxious or afraid – He has overcome the world. In His abiding presence we need not fear what the future may hold; we need not fear the impact of sickness and disease as people without hope; we need not fear the power of the enemy. As Christians, we walk with the risen Lord each day; we know the power of His presence in our lives: transforming, healing, forgiving, loving, empowering. In the conditions of our present world, in the face of an ongoing global pandemic, sectarian violence, and an ever-increasing secularization, it is important that we live as people of faith, abounding in the love of Christ, and ever ready to give a reason for our hope.

As Christians we know that the battlefield on which we overcome the world is not in the great and dramatic but in the battlefield of ordinary daily living. It is in day-to-day living that Christian faith wins or loses; it is in day-to-day living that the crown of Christian character is gained or lost. And it is in our day-to-day living as Christians amidst our world that we are given opportunities to extend the invitation to faith in the Risen Christ, to show the true face of love, and to fulfill the Great Commandment of Christ to evangelize the world in His Name.

Let it be then our responsibility this Eastertide to bear witness to the truth of salvation in Jesus Christ. Let the battlefield of daily living be for us a place of victory, through faith in the One who loves us, and who died and rose again for our salvation. Our Lord said to His frightened, disheartened disciples: “Shalom” – ‘Peace be with you’. And so He says to each of His disciples today: “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” In the faith of Christ Crucified and Risen, let us reach out to a fallen world in the love and peace of the Lord this Eastertide.

May all our Bishops, Clergy and People across the Traditional Anglican Church be blessed this Easter Season with a faith renewed, with God’s healing grace, and abiding hope in the promises of our Saviour. May I extend to you all my blessing and prayers for a joyous Eastertide.


Mensaje del Primado para la Pascua 2021

¡Aleluya! ¡Cristo ha resucitado!
¡Él ha resucitado! ¡Aleluya!

Quizás en este momento, más que nunca, necesitamos escuchar nuevamente la alegre proclamación de que ¡Jesucristo ha resucitado! Se celebran otra Pasión y Pascua en lo que se ha convertido en una pandemia mundial de Covid-19 de un año de duración. Muchos todavía luchan contra este virus; muchos todavía viven en aislamiento, ansiedad y pérdida. En medio de estos tiempos difíciles de enfermedad y aislamiento social, el Señor Resucitado nos grita: “¡La paz sea con ustedes!”

La Pascua es el tiempo de la alegría cristiana, de renovación y renacimiento. La Pascua nos trae la belleza de la creación de Dios en primavera y con ella la belleza de una nueva vida. Pero lo más importante de todo, la Pascua trae las buenas nuevas de nuestra salvación en Jesucristo y la promesa de vida eterna. Armados con nuestra fe cristiana, sostenidos por las buenas nuevas de la Resurrección, avanzamos con esperanza y alegría, incluso mientras enfrentamos las realidades del mundo que nos rodea.

Independientemente de lo que pueda suceder en nuestro mundo o en nuestras vidas, sabemos que Cristo vive. Nos ha dicho que no tengamos ansiedad ni que tengamos miedo: ha vencido al mundo. En Su presencia permanente no debemos temer lo que nos depare el futuro; no debemos temer el impacto de la enfermedad y las dolencias como personas sin esperanza; no debemos temer el poder del enemigo. Como cristianos, caminamos con el Señor resucitado cada día; conocemos el poder de Su presencia en nuestras vidas: transformador, sanador, perdonador, amoroso, empoderador. En las condiciones de nuestro mundo actual, frente a una pandemia global en curso, violencia sectaria y una secularización cada vez mayor, es importante que vivamos como personas de fe, abundantes en el amor de Cristo y siempre dispuestos a dar una razón de nuestra esperanza.

Como cristianos, sabemos que el campo de batalla en el que vencemos al mundo no es el grande y dramático, sino el campo de batalla de la vida diaria ordinaria. Es en la vida cotidiana donde la fe cristiana gana o pierde; es en la vida cotidiana donde se gana o se pierde la corona del carácter cristiano. Y es en nuestro día a día como cristianos en medio de nuestro mundo que se nos brindan oportunidades para extender la invitación a la fe en Cristo Resucitado, para mostrar el verdadero rostro del amor y para cumplir el Gran Mandamiento de Cristo de evangelizar al mundo en Su Nombre.

Que sea entonces nuestra responsabilidad esta Pascua a dar testimonio de la verdad de la salvación en Jesucristo. Que el campo de batalla de la vida diaria sea para nosotros un lugar de victoria, a través de la fe en Aquel que nos ama, y que murió y resucitó para nuestra salvación. Nuestro Señor dijo a sus asustados y desanimados discípulos: “Shalom” – “La paz sea con ustedes”. Por eso les dice hoy a cada uno de sus discípulos: “La paz os dejo, mi paz os doy; no como el mundo la da, yo os la doy. No se turbe vuestro corazón, ni tenga miedo ”. En la fe de Cristo crucificado y resucitado, alcancemos a un caído mundo en el amor y la paz del Señor en esta Pascua.

Que todos nuestros obispos, clérigos y laicado de la Iglesia Anglicana Tradicional sean bendecidos en esta temporada de Pascua con una fe renovada, con la gracia sanadora de Dios y una esperanza constante en las promesas de nuestro Salvador. Permítanme extenderles a todos ustedes mi bendición y mis oraciones por una feliz Pascua.