The College of Bishops of the Traditional Anglican Church is comprised of bishops from our Provinces worldwide.

The Most Reverend Shane B. Janzen, Primate of the Traditional Anglican Church.

The Most Reverend Shane B. Janzen
Primate of the Traditional Anglican Church
Metropolitan, Anglican Catholic Church of Canada
Ordinary, Diocese of Canada West (ACCC)

COB GillThe Most Reverend Michael Gill
Metropolitan, TAC Province of Africa
Ordinary, Diocese of Pretoria and Southern Africa
Secretary to the College of Bishops, Traditional Anglican Church

COB GarciaThe Most Reverend Juan Garcia
Presiding Bishop, Anglican Church in America
Ordinary, Diocese of Puerto Rico & The Caribbean

The Most Reverend David Robarts
Metropolitan & Bishop Ordinary
Anglican Catholic Church in Australia

COB Prakash

The Most Reverend Samuel Prakash
Metropolitan, Anglican Church in India
Ordinary, Diocese of Lucknow

The Most Reverend Ruben Rodriguez
Presiding Bishop, Province of Latin America
Ordinary, Diocese of Guatemala

TAC GrayThe Right Reverend Ian Gray
Metropolitan, TAC Province of Britain and Ireland
Ordinary, Traditional Anglican Church in Britain

The Right Reverend Craig Botterill, KC
Ordinary, Diocese of Canada East
Anglican Catholic Church of Canada

Bishop William D. Bower

The Right Reverend William D. Bower, SSC
Ordinary, Diocese of the Eastern United States
Anglican Church in America

Bishop Patrick Fodor

The Right Reverend Patrick Fodor
Ordinary, Diocese of the Missouri Valley
Anglican Church in America

The Right Reverend Dr. Alexander ("Hendy") Webb

The Right Reverend Alexander Webb
Ordinary, Diocese of the Northeast
Anglican Church in America


The Reverend Canon Robert Hammond
Bishop-Elect, Diocese of the West
Anglican Church in America

The Right Reverend Wellington Murinda
Suffragan, TAC Church in Zimbabwe
TAC Province of Africa

The Right Reverend Carlos Enrique Zet Ramirez
Bishop Coadjutor, Diocese of Guatemala
TAC Province of Latin America

COB LobosThe Right Reverend Juan Sión Lobos
Suffragan, Western Region of Guatemala
TAC Province of Latin America

COB TistaThe Right Reverend Santos Garcia Tista
Suffragan, District Region of Salvador
TAC Province of Latin America


The Right Reverend Albertino Barreiros
Ordinary, Diocese of Natal
Federative Republic of Brazil


The Right Reverend Itabira Jonas
Ordinary, Diocese of São Paulo and Paraná
Federative Republic of Brazil